Our Story

Rinica is a family skin care startup based in the suburbs of Chicago. It was founded by a mother & son team - Irina Gorbikov & Nick. Irina started developing Rinica creams over the past 10 years using natural and organic ingredients before organic was cool :-) And Nick helps with all kinds of operational and technical questions.

The story of Rinica starts in 1995 in Russia where Irina worked as a Mechanical Engineer building electronic equipment for ships. In 1995 Irina was diagnosed with a tumor in her  thigh, which thankfully was caught early on and was successfully removed.  It was a life-changing moment. Irina's mother died from cancer when she was 15, and Irina's biggest fear was to leave her two young kids and loving husband. This scare and Irina's growing list of allergies to artificial products resulted in a lifestyle and career change. Irina embarked on a healthy living crusade. 

Irina's interest in healthy living started in 1995 after a surgical removal of a tumor. 

Irina started reading about all things that affect health: diet, exercise, genetics, etc. This also led to an interest in skin care, and a career change as she eventually became a Licensed Esthetician. In 1998 Irina with her kids and a husband immigrated to United States. First couple of years were tough but she did not abandon her interest in skin care, and soon became a  Licensed Esthetician in Illinois. 

In 2005 another disaster struck - Irina's close relative was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer never having smoked in his life. Chemo and radiation were really tough and she tried to alleviate dry skin by creating moisturizing creams - creams that are natural and don't contain artificial additives . This spurred Irina interest in skin care creams even more.

Family member's skin affected by chemo and Irina's own problems with allergies spurred her to develop products that were both effective and  natural.

Irina started experimenting with various ingredients to create creams that would actually help people* without using artificial ingredients. Irina herself is allergic to a multitude of things both artificial and natural and created her formulas that are as hypoallergenic as possible for her own use and use by family members. 

The first line of products that was introduced to general public are natural ant-aging creams, cleansing soaps and body balms that she tried for several years and offered to a select group of customers. And reviews are raving now - we are sharing our products with you and hope that they will help you keep your skin looking firm and healthy.