What is Platinum Nanocolloid Cellular Technology?

Simply put, Platinum allows other ingredients to get deeper into your skin and deliver all kinds nutrients that help keep your skin looking younger and firmer.

By itself Platinum has anti-oxidation, antibacterial and sterilizing effects, but its main property is ability to penetrate skin deeper and to deliver other hard working ingredients into your skin.

Platinum Nanocolloid Cellular Technology is a way to use platinum (Pt) nanoparticles (2-5nm in size) to work as delivery mechanism for other ingredients.

One of the largest obstacles for skin care creams is paradoxically skin itself. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is very good at its' primary function - keeping things out. This also means that all those skin care products you use have trouble penetrating the very top layer of your skin. Platinum nano particles are very good at removing and penetrating oxidized skin cells and delivering nutrients provided by other ingredients.

Rinica's Anti-Aging Platinum Nanocolloid creams use serums containing 99.99% pure platinum wire that's been pulverized into a soluble solution and then mixed with other ingredients.